Cool Type I Ballscrew

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Cool Type I Ballscrew


Optimized design for high reliability
Through use of computer simulation and FEManalysis, the cool type ballscrew features excellentthermal protection and high reliability.
Promote higher speed rotation and extra highDm-N value (up to 200,000)
Cool type ballscrews will eliminate high-speedrotation aftereffect, i. e., thermal problems, andpromote higher speed rotation.
Prevent thermal distortion
Optimized heat transfer design minimizes heat generation and prevents thermal distortion.
Strengthen durability
When operating repeatedly, friction between ballscauses heat generation. That may cause balls tooxidize or decarburize, and shorten the service life.Cool type ballscrews will strengthen durability undera cooling environment.
Extended lubricant life cycle
When using lubrication, minimum heat generationfurther inhibits deterioration in the quality oflubrication and extends the lubricant life cycle.
Keep temperature uniform and reduce warm-uptime
During high-speed operation, nut and shaft cooling effect keeps feed-system temperature constant and reduces warm-up time.
Higher feeding accuracy
Cooling effect of cool type ballscrew will stabilize against thermal expansion and equalize feeding accuracy.


High speed machine tools and machining center.
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